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Ad blockers threaten the established model of ad-supported publishing. B2’s powerful ad block countermeasures allow effective ad revenue recovery for publishers. Our products help publishers by offering a new game changing ad blocking countermeasure. Ad block usage is increasing; just one example is the popular privacy browser Brave:

Brave is a privacy browser that blocks ads using domains and CSS and has a growing userbase. By default Brave blocks advertising, tracking and cookie banner pop-ups.

Step 1

B2 Analytics

The first step in evaluating the size of your ad block problem is to measure it, with B2 Analytics.

B2 Analytics measures:
  • Ad block usage by device (mobile / tablet / desktop)
  • Ad block usage by type (domain / css)
  • Ad block usage by country
  • Ads rendered but never viewed by a human (litigation / ad fraud risk)
Deployment is free and easy up to 1M page views/month, just a lightweight single line of JavaScript to include on your website.
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B2 Ad Reinsertion

B2’s unique technology utilises ad insertion technology, making our technology undetectable to ad blockers. Our solution is a powerful ad blocker workaround for publishers,, helping you to recover lost ad revenue.

B2 Ad Reinsertion can:

  • Accurately track marketing efforts and analytics
  • Ensure display advertising is served as originally intended
  • Ensure effective ad revenue recovery for publishers

We understand publishers respect their users, that is why B2 Ad Reinsertion functions without compromising user privacy.

Publishers can monetize these users by showing ads, asking the users to register, or taking payment. B2 Ad Reinsertion is the ONLY solution that gives publishers the option to show ads, even when an ad blocker is being used

B2 Ad Reinsertion does not compromise the privacy of individuals who use ad blockers for privacy reasons

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Benefits of B2 Ad Reinsertion

Many ad revenue recovery methods include the option of ad reinsertion. Many publishers are open to all options due to current ad market conditions and the need to fund journalism.

  • Increased ad revenue – Ads which would have been stopped by ad blockers will now be displayed, increasing impressions
  • Reduced risk of ad fraud – CSS ad blockers still download ads, but they are never shown. Ad reinsertion stops this.
  • Less need to overload articles with advertisements – no need to make up for advertising revenue lost to ad blockers
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