B2 Stealth Pricing

We only make money when you do.

B2 records the number of pages shown to users with an ad blocker. The first 10,000 page views displayed to users with ad block users are free, proving to you that B2 Stealth technology really does work!

With B2 Stealth, you can bypass the impact of ad blockers via a cost effective model that enables you to keep more of the ad revenues your site generates.

After your first 10,000 page views, you can buy as few or as many credits as you like, to continue monetizing ad block users, starting at just $10 for your next 10,000 page views served to ad block users.


Page Views with Ad Blockers:

10,000 10,000,000

Your CPM:

$0.50 $6.00

Average ad impressions/page:

3 12

Missing revenue:

*B2 Credits needed:

*B2 Stealth is licensed on the number of page views served to ad block users. Credits cost just $1 per 1,000 ad block page views.