How B2 differs: Anti-adblocking, Targeted Advertising, Analytics

Our team is often told by publishers and ad tech companies that they already have an anti-adblocking solution. Whether this is complex analytics or an “ad revenue recovery” platform. In this piece we will be elaborating on what makes B2 different in ad revenue recovery and why it is only the first step in our goal to innovate the digital advertising industry.

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What Others do


Paywalls can take different forms including freemium paywalls and hard paywalls. Many paywalls display a message to ask ad blocker users to turn off their ad blocker, however, this can often be simply bypassed with an option beneath the message that allows readers to continue.

A Publisher could see this method as a way of recouping ad revenue without showing any ads, however, hiding content behind a paywall can lead to less traffic. Users are reluctant to pay for articles if they are visiting a publication for one time use, meaning advertising may be a more effective method of generating revenue.


Ad revenue recovery solutions that can “bypass” ad blockers often partner with an ad blocker. The ad blocker then adds the ad revenue recovery’s domains to a whitelist which allows ads to be shown to their ad blocker users.

While this process does affect the main purpose of ad blockers, blocking ads, it does have limitations. Many of these partners will have criteria to meet for an ad to be displayed, dictating where and what ads can be displayed.

Whitelisting also only benefits publishers if the user has a certain type of ad blocker. The ad blocker partner only has whitelisting control over their own ad blocker users. If the reader is not using the partner’s ad blocker, then ads will still be blocked, effecting the publisher’s ad revenue.

What We do

B2 Stealth

B2 adopts a more direct approach to ad revenue recovery by using ad reinsertion. Our anti-adblocking tech involves displaying Ad content as it would be originally served even when an ad blocker is being used, making ad blockers ineffective. Unlike whitelisting, B2 Stealth can stop any ad blocker, whether it is a domain or a CSS ad blocker. This anti-adblocking technology is available on request by contacting our team at

We do not have criteria for what adverts you can display, or where they should be displayed.

B2 Analytics

Some ad revenue recovery companies do not provide the same level of ad blocker analytics as B2, often due to ad blockers stopping a range of analytics being passed through to platforms. B2 analytics is not affected by ad blockers, it accurately reports the number of people using an ad blocker visiting a website, including the type of ad blocker, and where they originate.

Privacy for consumers has been a focus point in recent years, with large platforms taking the handling of personal data more seriously than they did a decade ago. B2’s anti-adblocking solution collects no identifiable personal data, maintaining privacy for website visitors.

What We Found

B2 Analytics has shown us that the main platform for ad blockers is desktop, with over 30% of desktop page views on a sample site having an ad blocker activated.

In the UK ad blocking on mobile has remained stable for the last 4 years at 18%. However, new products coming to the markets are predicting the growth of mobile ad blockers to grow as high as 35%.

Ad blocking on mobile is increasing with DuckDuckGo reaching over 6 million downloads per month, and Brave Browser totalling over 100 million downloads on Android alone.

How B2 affects CPM

More targeted advertising tends to lead to a greater CPM, hence more revenue for publishers and value for advertisers. However, ad blockers can stop valuable information from being reported to advertisers and website owners, meaning ads that are shown will be less targeted and generate less revenue.

B2 Precision ads is a new advertising system that offers publishers extra marketing parameters in the ad bidding process. A combination of this and other parts of our new system will offer advertisers valuable data in marketing themselves against their competitors.

B2 precision ads for better targeting

We understand that privacy is a concern, so not only do B2 Stealth and B2 Analytics maintain this priority, but B2 Precision Ads does too. Users are required to give explicit consent and have the ability to turn it off at any time. All data is encrypted and is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, or other privacy legislations.

Our Purpose

Our Team has been working for over 20 years on projects, with examples such as The purpose of has been to help advertisers and publishers in current market conditions where ad revenue is in decline. We see the current market of digital advertising as unsustainable, with ad blockers and extreme anti-targeting measures hindering publisher profitability. B2 Analytics, Stealth, and Precision Ads act as a solution for most problems facing the publisher industry.