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B2’s cutting-edge ad reinsertion technology not only ensures that Broadstreet Ads’s ads are always displayed – on this page for example is four Broadstreet Ads ads running.

Feel free to go ahead and download an ad blocker – why not try BLOKK? You can download the software here:

Click to download an ad blocker and see B2 in action for yourself

Already have an ad blocker running and still seeing the advertising on this page? This is thanks to B2, if you’d like to see websites running Broadstreet Ads ads without implementing B2 ad reinsertion technology you can do so by leaving your ad blocker on and visiting websites like these:

• https://www.independent.com
• https://www.aao.org

Over 1.7 billion people use some form of ad and/or tracker blocking. Ad blockers prevent ads from being rendered, but also block the majority of third party analytics from functioning, preventing website owners and publishers from truly understanding and monetising their audience.

B2 Advertising Reinsertion (unlike every other ad-blocking solution currently on the market) ensures users see a publisher’s website exactly as they intended, including advertising and sponsored content.

B2 also does not dictate to publishers how many ads they should display on their website, which means the publisher is in control of their revenue, not B2.

How does B2 advertising reinsertion work?

Broadstreet Ads Advertising Reinsertion has two primary functions:

  1. Re-writing content that would be blocked by ad blockers (e.g. HTML, JS and CSS). This can be cached so the work is done only once per period (with a TTL e.g. hour, day, or stipulated by the publisher). This also includes ad scripts.
  2. Rendering content in real-time that comes directly from ad servers by retrieving it server-side (e.g. the actual ads themselves).

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