About Us

The B2 team has been developing online products and services for over 20 years.

As pragmatic privacy advocates, most of the team was using ad blockers to avoid being tracked around the internet at every step of the way. In doing so, it became obvious that the majority of online publishers that depend on advertising to fund their “free” content didn’t have reliable ad block counterattack solutions to overcome this problem.


B2 was developed as an ad block monetization solution, with a view to using our ad blocker detection software to help publishers recoup ad revenues, without compromising the privacy of their users (41% of internet users aged 16-64 use ad-blocking tools to protect their privacy).


Today, B2’s services act as a powerful ad blocker shield that protects the business model of online publishers in a way that respects today’s robust privacy expectations and legislation.

B2 Leadership Team

B2 Leadership Team profile photo - Andrew Crossland

Andrew Crossland, Chairman

B2 co-founder. Previously co-founded Rentalcars.com, successful exit to the Priceline group (Booking.com) after expanding to 250 countries in 45 languages and 25 currencies. Previous successful investments include Ledhut.com, uinsure.co.uk, Provizsports.com.

B2 Leadership Team profile photo - Adam Green

Adam Green, CTO

B2 co-founder. Cryptography, security and infrastructure architect. Previously Rentalcars.com, CTO Storm Technologies Ltd., Technical Architect (Deloitte & Anderson Business Consulting).

B2 Leadership Team profile photo - Gina Seddon

Gina Seddon, COO

Results-driven, commercially astute manager with 25 years’ experience leading operations and content production teams on linear, and digitally-connected platforms. Previously Production Manager Olympic Sport, Red Button, Live Streaming & Multiplatform, BBC Sport.

B2 Leadership Team profile photo - Stephen Hedgecock

Stephen Hedgecock, Director

Founding Principal & Owner at Altis Partners (Jersey) Limited and Strategic Advisor with Paravene Capital Ltd. Prior board positions held with Stratagem Technologies Ltd, Hilltop Funds PCC, QCM Ltd, and Sabre Fund Management Ltd. Additional positions previously held with Moore Capital Management LP and Citibank NAIB

B2 Leadership Team profile photo - Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis, Marketing Director

With 2 decades experience in strategic business development and digital marketing, Simon has worked with global brands such as Uber, Hilton and Vimeo and owns a global digital marketing agency. Simon’s experience in digital marketing provides B2 with insight in how our technology can enhance user experience and add value to our partners

B2 Leadership Team profile photo - Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson, Business Development & Marketing

With a rich background spanning more than two decades in media, business development, and creative design, Mark has contributed his expertise to renowned global brands including British Airways, Shell and Proviz. Moreover, as a co-founder of Bailiwick Express, a media business, he is uniquely positioned to offer B2 invaluable insights into how our technology can seamlessly amplify value for our publishing partners while elevating the overall user experience.