The Only Effective Solution Against Ad Blockers

Over 1.7 billion people use ad blocking technology. B2 provides ad blocker bypass technology that helps websites measure and unlock ad revenue which is being lost to ad blockers.

Ad blockers stopping ads

Up to 37% of adults use an ad blocker. This means you are missing potential ad revenue.

B2 Stealth stopping ad blockers

B2 helps to bypass ad blockers and recoup lost revenue with ad reinsertion technology.


Up to 37% of adults use an ad blocker. This means you are missing potential ad revenue. Find out how big your problem is with B2 Analytics and bypass ad blockers with B2 Stealth.

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Your clients are missing out on ad revenue. Our lightweight ad block prevention software includes an analytics solution to help inform you and your client what the extent of the problem is. Find out how our adblocker mitigation solutions benefit our partners.

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B2 Analytics

The first step in evaluating the size of your ad block problem is to measure it, with B2 Analytics.

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Step 2

B2 Stealth

B2 Stealth flies under the radar of ad-block technology, ad reinsertion software that reinserts ads and trackers back into the webpage. It blocks ad block technology, allowing you to increase your ad revenue and gain valuable analytics.

B2 Stealth can:

  • Accurately track marketing efforts and analytics
  • Ensure display advertising is served as originally intended
  • Ensure sponsored content is served as originally intended

We understand our clients respect their users, that is why B2 Stealth functions without compromising user privacy.

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